Oneida Language Learning


We will create new language products, which will be available to all community members and schools.

The Oneida Indian Nation has partnered with The Language Conservancy to create digital tools for teaching and preserving the Oneida language. Discover some of the Oneida Language Learning apps listed below.

Oneida Keyboard

The Oneida Keyboard and Fonts Bundle provides an intuitive way to type Oneida characters in any application on your desktop. Getting started is easy, with simple instructions available for installing and using your new keyboard layout. Start typing in Oneida today!

Oneida Media Player

The Oneida Media Player is a companion to the Oneida Level 1 Textbook. Just point your phone at the page and tap to hear native speakers pronounce the words. The audio guide section gives you complete access to textbook vocabulary with an easy tap-and-swipe interface.

Oneida Media Player for iOS

Oneida Media Player for Android